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Rankingdak HK送貨服務委託「瀛風凍櫃及食品加工有限公司」以及嘉里快遞 Kerry Express」(下稱速遞公司)兩間公司派送,客人下單時所選時段謹供參考,不代表實際派送時間,部份地區有機會未能按照所選時間派送,詳情請參閱速遞公司之送貨安排。(2021/03/04 更新)

***鑑於疫情尚未平息,運送方 速遞公司 有機會未能派送指定地點,如:醫院、醫院宿舍或指定診所,若客人因上述原因未能派送,請主動通知我們(Facebook/ Instagram均可)貨件將由我們安排派送,以支持對一眾醫護的無私奉獻。


如需更改派送日期或時間,請於送貨日子前 3 個工作天通知我們。若你的貨件將於通知日翌日派送,可留待派件員與你聯絡時再跟司機溝通重新送貨的安排。如有突發事件,可在Facebook或Instagram 發訊息和我們聯絡。


重新送貨的日子安排於原定送貨日子的 2 天後;

運輸公司 2 次派送均不成功;


如需查詢或追蹤你的貨件派送進度,請按電郵通知單上的貨件編號/Tracking no. ECOM00000XXXXX,於以下網址進行相關查詢:


嘉里客戶服務熱線:3977 0159 (Mon - Fri 09:00-21:00) 

瀛風客戶服務熱線:2129 5088 (Mon - Sat 09:00-18:00)




  • A時段:11:00 – 16:00
  • B時段:16:00 – 20:00



• 離島地區僅提供A時段派送服務(至16:00)並設港幣 $100 附加費,詳情:



Rankingdakhk are delivering with Kerry Express/Ying Fung ('the Courier'). The timeslots at the Checkout page are for reference only — actual delivery time subjects to the actual condition. There will be no prior notice on the changes in the case of restricted delivery timeslots in specified area. For details, please refer to the following delivery details:

Due to the Wuhan Virus /COVID 19,the Courier may not deliver the parcel to hospital, clinic or dormitory, if you are involved in those situation, please let us know, we will offer another arrangement. SALUTE to all medical staffs for saving people life.


A Rankingdakhk ice bag will be included for purchases of 40pcs or more.

Customers may choose the designated delivery date and timeslot on the checkout page.

For rescheduling requests after placing the order, it will be adjusted by the Courier without further notice. Please read the delivery details carefully. If there is any dispute regarding rescheduling of shipment, the customer may need to bear extra shipping fees upon the Courier's request.

Customers will receive a SMS/WhatsApp/Call sent by the Courier on the delivery day. Please be sure to fill in the correct contact number and patiently wait for the call from our courier for the actual arrival time.

If you need to change the delivery date or time, please notify us 3 working days prior to the scheduled date. If your shipment will be delivered the day after the notification day, you can leave it to our courier to contact you and communicate with the driver about the re-delivery arrangements. If there is an emergency, you can send a message on Facebook or Instagram to contact us.

The customer will need to bear extra cost if the re-delivery date is 3 days later than the original delivery date. 

Customers can track the delivery status of their parcels at below website with the Tracking no. ECOM00000XXXXX from your email:

For any enquiries, please call 

KEHK Hotline: 3977 0159 (Mon - Fri 09:00-21:00) 

YF Hotline: 2129 5088 (Mon-Sat 09:00-18:00)


Delivery Timeslots

The following timeslots are for reference only. Actual delivery time subjects to the actual condition

  • Timeslot A: 11:00 – 16:00
  • Timeslot B: 16:00 – 20:00

*Remarks: The delivery timeslots are not applicable to Sunday and Public Holidays

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